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VIDEO: Innocent Americans Harassed Over This

While tensions are flaring around the world, Americans are shocked to see it bleeding over here into the United States and affecting their daily lives.

The California Highway Patrol issued a stern warning following disruptive protests orchestrated by anti-Israel demonstrators, causing chaos on the Golden Gate Bridge and Interstate-880 in Oakland. Law enforcement officials stressed a zero-tolerance approach towards such tactics, emphasizing that they will not hesitate to take action against those who engage in unlawful activities.

According to the CHP’s Golden Gate Division, a total of 38 individuals were apprehended in connection with the protests. Demonstrators resorted to obstructing traffic flow by unfurling banners with messages like “Stop the world for Gaza” and tethering themselves to 55-gallon drums filled with concrete.

Charges brought against the protesters include unlawful assembly, resisting and delaying officers, and false imprisonment, as confirmed by authorities.

In a statement, the CHP condemned the act of blocking or shutting down freeways and highways, labeling it as both unlawful and perilous, posing a threat to motorists’ safety and impeding their ability to reach their destinations securely.

Despite attempts to reach out for comments, A15 Action, the activist group associated with the demonstrations across the U.S., remained unresponsive to inquiries from Fox News Digital.

The protests, orchestrated by A15 Action, aimed to disrupt economic activities in over 50 cities worldwide, citing the global economy’s alleged complicity in the oppression of Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

During the Golden Gate Bridge blockade, officers encountered vehicles equipped with concealed chains and pipes, linking drivers and passengers outside the vehicles. Subsequently, 26 individuals were detained in connection with this incident.

Similarly, on Interstate-880, protesters utilized 55-gallon drums filled with cement and heavy-duty chains to obstruct traffic. Law enforcement personnel had to employ jackhammers and heavy-duty saws to dismantle these barriers before effecting arrests.

In another demonstration on I-880, approximately 300 protesters brought traffic to a standstill. Authorities took a dozen individuals into custody in connection with both incidents in Oakland.

The CHP praised their disentanglement team for effectively neutralizing the complex devices utilized by the protesters, ensuring the safety of the public, demonstrators, and law enforcement personnel alike.