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Trump-Hater Letitia James Disbarred?

This needs to happen!

House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, representing New York’s 21st Congressional District, has initiated a significant legal action against New York Attorney General Letitia James. In a letter exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital, Stefanik called for James to face disbarment due to what she perceives as serious misconduct in her handling of the Trump Organization civil fraud trial.

Stefanik formally lodged an ethics complaint against James with New York state’s Committee on Professional Standards. The complaint alleges that James, a Democrat, has wielded her prosecutorial powers in a politically biased manner, particularly targeting former President Donald Trump.

The crux of Stefanik’s argument revolves around what she sees as a pattern of prejudicial behavior from James, who Stefanik accuses of conducting an investigation and prosecution riddled with bias against Trump. Stefanik points to over 50 allegedly inappropriate and prejudicial comments made by James on social media during the trial’s initial weeks in October 2023.

Stefanik goes further, asserting that James has harbored a personal vendetta against Trump dating back to his tenure in the White House. James had publicly declared her intention to scrutinize Trump’s real estate dealings even before assuming office as attorney general in 2019.

During the ongoing trial, James has sought substantial penalties against Trump and his associates, including a staggering $370 million in fines and a complete prohibition on Trump’s involvement in New York’s real estate sector.

Stefanik’s critique extends beyond James’s actions in the courtroom, emphasizing the potential damage to public trust in legal institutions. She highlights the ethical obligations that come with being an attorney, particularly one in such a prominent position as state attorney general.

Stefanik’s stance on the matter is notable given her staunch support for Trump and her reputation as one of his most vocal allies in Congress. Additionally, her actions have fueled speculation about her potential role in Trump’s future political endeavors, including the possibility of being considered as a vice-presidential candidate for his re-election bid.