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Biden Guaranteed To Resign Before Election

Here’s what we know…

Representative Rich McCormick, a Republican from Georgia, expressed concerns about President Joe Biden’s mental state during an interview with Newsmax on Tuesday. As a medical doctor, McCormick highlighted what he perceives as Biden’s evident cognitive decline, emphasizing that it’s not a matter of if but when Democrats will replace him on the ticket for the upcoming November election.

McCormick noted that House Republicans are not reliant on obtaining the transcript of an interview conducted by special counsel Robert Hur with Biden in October, suggesting that its public release by the White House is unlikely. He emphasized, “There’s no way they make it public. But, quite frankly, we don’t need it.”

In reference to the impeachment investigation into Biden led by Republican committee chairmen, McCormick joined in their request for the transcript from Attorney General Merrick Garland. However, he underscored that ample evidence of Biden’s cognitive decline is already widely available, citing numerous instances where Biden has struggled with memory lapses and basic tasks.

According to McCormick, Democrats are aware that Biden, aged 81, is unlikely to complete a second term given his rapid deterioration. He asserted, “Imagine, there’s no possible way he lasts another four years as fast as he’s deteriorating.” McCormick highlighted the irreversible nature of dementia, expressing skepticism that Biden could regain mental acuity through training or other measures.

Moreover, McCormick raised concerns about the potential implications of Biden’s replacement, questioning whether a successor could exacerbate existing policy challenges. He pondered whether Democrats would opt for a replacement during the election cycle or post-election, with the possibility of nominating someone whose policies may be even more contentious than Biden’s.

In summary, McCormick’s remarks underscore Republican apprehensions regarding Biden’s mental fitness and raise questions about the future of Democratic leadership in light of these concerns.