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Judge Targets Trump’s Son Barron

Trump is a former President of the United States and the judge does this to his family? How unbelievably low.

Donald Trump expressed frustration on Monday over the possibility of missing his son Barron’s high school graduation due to his Manhattan hush money trial. He stood before the first group of potential jurors, wearing a tight-lipped smirk, as they could ultimately determine his fate in this significant case.

Reflecting on his desire to attend Barron’s graduation alongside his mother and father, Trump lamented the judge’s reluctance to accommodate his request to reschedule the trial around the event. Despite his attorneys’ efforts to secure a change in trial dates, Justice Juan Merchan remained non-committal, citing the trial’s progression as the determining factor.

The trial marks a historic moment as it involves allegations against a former US president, accusing Trump of manipulating business records to conceal hush money paid to Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election. Anticipated to span up to eight weeks, the trial will convene every weekday except Wednesdays.

Trump’s legal team also sought permission for him to attend Supreme Court arguments the following Thursday, emphasizing the significance of his presence. However, the judge stood firm, underscoring the importance of the ongoing trial.

Trump’s dissatisfaction was palpable as he criticized the judge’s decisions, particularly regarding his inability to attend both his son’s graduation and the Supreme Court session. His frustration underscored the broader implications he perceived, accusing the judge of favoring the political left’s agenda.

Despite the contentious atmosphere, no jurors were selected on the first day. Out of the initial pool of 96 prospects, a significant portion were excused due to their inability to remain impartial. Among those remaining, diverse perspectives emerged, including a prospective juror who emphasized the principle of equality under the law.

Trump maintains his innocence, denying the 34 felony counts accusing him of falsifying business records to conceal payments to Daniels. With the trial unfolding as a pivotal moment in legal history, Trump faces the prospect of daily court appearances and the possibility of a four-year prison sentence if convicted.