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Senator Adam Schiff, America’s Nightmare

Can American handle a shady Democrat like Adam Schiff in the Senate?

In a significant shift, former Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer of California has chosen to endorse Representative Adam Schiff in the ongoing race for the Senate seat previously held by the late Dianne Feinstein. Despite initially stating her intention to remain neutral, Boxer, in an exclusive interview with the Palm Springs Tribune, disclosed a change of heart influenced by recent developments in the Senate race.

Boxer attributed her initial decision to maintain impartiality to her close friendship with Schiff and Barbara Lee. She revealed that she had explicitly warned all three Democratic candidates that any intra-party attacks would lead her to reconsider endorsing a specific candidate. The turning point for Boxer came with what she perceived as unwarranted attacks on Schiff by fellow California Democrat Representative Katie Porter during a debate. Porter accused Schiff of accepting “dirty money,” a claim that Boxer found both disappointing and divisive.

Expressing her disappointment with Porter’s tactics, Boxer staunchly defended Schiff’s adherence to campaign rules, emphasizing that he was playing within the established parameters of the political game. Boxer also criticized Porter for attacking a fellow Democrat, particularly given her prior acceptance of campaign funds from Schiff.

Furthermore, Boxer took issue with Schiff’s campaign strategy, specifically the release of an advertisement targeting GOP candidate Steve Garvey, a former Los Angeles Dodger. Porter alleged that the ad was a strategic move to elevate Garvey’s profile, making it easier for Schiff to secure victory in the November election. Boxer, however, defended Schiff, highlighting his commitment to supporting women in politics and dismissing Porter’s allegations as unfounded.

Boxer underscored Schiff’s positive track record, portraying him as a steadfast ally to women in politics. Drawing a parallel to the legendary figure Sir Galahad, Boxer remarked that Schiff embodies qualities admired by women in politics. She noted that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had endorsed Schiff, highlighting his reputation as a reliable and supportive figure.

In conclusion, Boxer expressed her hope that Schiff and Barbara Lee would navigate the primaries successfully and emerge as the Democratic candidates in the general election. Her endorsement emphasized Schiff’s qualities as a “pragmatic progressive who gets things done,” reflecting optimism about their prospects in the upcoming political contest.