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Shocking: Biden Curses Trump Out

Trump is getting under Biden’s skin and he can’t handle it.

President Biden’s private sentiments toward former President Trump seem to deviate from his public calls for “civility” and “decency” in politics, with reports indicating a more explicit and confrontational tone behind closed doors.

Despite emphasizing respect on his first day in office and threatening immediate termination for disrespectful behavior among his staff, Biden has allegedly engaged in outbursts and intense interrogations when not in the public eye. Recent accounts suggest that in private conversations with close associates, Biden has referred to Trump as a “sick f—” who takes pleasure in others’ misfortunes, accompanied by more explicit language.

Three individuals, according to Politico, claimed to have heard Biden make such remarks, with one adding that the president recently labeled Trump as a “f—ing a–hole.”

In response to these alleged comments, senior Trump campaign adviser Chris Lacivita criticized Biden for disrespecting the presidency both publicly and privately. Conservatives on social media also condemned Biden’s reported behavior, with some highlighting the apparent inconsistency between his public calls for decency and his private remarks.

When asked for comment, a White House spokesman dismissed the media coverage as “snowflake,” downplaying the significance of the president’s strong language.

Previous reports have suggested that Biden is prone to expressing anger behind closed doors, with White House aides occasionally avoiding one-on-one meetings to shield themselves from potential outbursts. Biden’s alleged confrontational style includes explicit language and intense interrogations, leading some staff members to dub the encounters as “stump the chump.”

Despite his public emphasis on respect and decency, these reports paint a picture of a president whose private demeanor may not align with his stated principles.