Does Trump Only Care About Himself Like Democrats Say?

PROOF: Biden Not Running The White House

Speaker Johnson dropped a major hint.

On a recent Friday, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) voiced speculation about potential internal conflicts within the Biden administration that could be hindering decision making actions by President Biden in addressing the escalating migrant influx at the southern border. Johnson contended that President Biden, fully aware of his executive authority, had been personally briefed on relevant laws. During an exclusive interview on Fox Business, Johnson expressed his concerns, suggesting that Biden might not be making decisions independently and that staff around him could be influencing him to maintain an open border.

Over the past few weeks, Johnson has consistently advocated for President Biden to use executive actions on critical border and migration policies. His proposals include reinstating the controversial “Remain in Mexico” policy and resuming the halted construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall, arguing that new congressional authority is unnecessary. Simultaneously, he criticized a bipartisan Senate deal that links increased aid to Ukraine with significant changes in border and migration policies, stating that, based on reported details, the bill is likely to be “dead on arrival” in the House.

Despite the White House disputing Biden’s potential for further executive actions, Johnson accused the Speaker of resisting the Senate border deal, suggesting potential political motives. Former President Trump joined in, urging Republicans, including Johnson, to reject the Senate deal. In response, White House spokesperson Andrew Bates accused House Republicans, including Johnson, of obstructing a historic bipartisan border security deal supported by President Biden.

In the midst of this political maneuvering, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced the forthcoming release of the detailed text of the border-Ukraine deal by Sunday. Johnson, while expressing reservations about reported details, refrained from an outright dismissal of the bill. Instead, he emphasized the importance of scrutinizing the specifics, underscoring the need for alignment with the necessary elements crucial for effective border control, as outlined in H.R. 2. This unfolding narrative sheds light on the intricate complexities surrounding the multifaceted issue of border security and immigration policy in the United States.