At a rally in Rock Hill, South Carolina, on the eve of the state’s primary, former President Trump lavished commendation on Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), fueling rumors that Scott is a top contender for Trump’s vice-presidential pick. Scott warmed up the audience for Trump, and during his speech, Trump diverted to highlight Scott’s staunch backing.

Speaking of Scott’s campaign efforts in 2024, which he concluded in October, Trump remarked, “He participated, and he performed adequately. He’s well-regarded. He ran, did well, and upon withdrawing, he threw his support behind me and became an advocate. I’ve never encountered a more effective advocate.”

Trump praised Scott’s humble beginnings and his admirable introduction of his mother, whom he praised highly, saying, “He transitioned from a modest, high-caliber individual to becoming an outstanding spokesperson for me, even more so than for himself.” Trump added, “And it’s accurate. It’s a significant compliment. And do you know why? Because he’s a person of high integrity. He’s not one to boast about himself.”