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Newsom Gaslights GOP Women

Democrats are trying to divide women from the GOP.

Governor Gavin Newsom of California has voiced strong opposition to Alabama’s recent legal decision, which grants personhood status to frozen embryos and fertilized eggs. In his critique, he warns of the repercussions this ruling may have, particularly framing it as a threat to women’s rights.

Expressing concern over the direction set by the United States Supreme Court, Newsom points to the pivotal overturn of Roe v. Wade in 2022 as a turning point that has emboldened such decisions. He contends that this isn’t merely a matter of abortion rights but extends to broader issues such as reproductive healthcare and access to contraceptives.

Moreover, Newsom lambasts the Republican stance on abortion, arguing that it prioritizes the rights of rapists over those of families seeking reproductive choices. This criticism follows Alabama’s court decision, which expands the state’s Wrongful Death of a Minor Act to include unborn children, leading to the halting of in vitro fertilization treatments in some medical facilities.

Even prominent figures within the Republican party, like former President Trump and Senator Lindsey Graham, have expressed reservations about the ruling. However, Newsom dismisses their stance as insincere, highlighting their support for a national 16-week abortion ban as evidence of their alignment with what he terms the “war on women.”

In an upcoming interview, Newsom underscores the urgency of the debate, particularly given the impending elections and the potential impact on policies surrounding reproductive rights. He emphasizes the need for vigilance in safeguarding these rights against encroachments that undermine women’s autonomy and healthcare choices.

In essence, Newsom’s critique underscores the broader societal implications of legal decisions regarding reproductive rights, positioning it as a pivotal battleground in the ongoing struggle for gender equality and bodily autonomy.