Liz Cheney Calls Republicans Anti-American, You Agree?

Trump Exposes Biden’s Dark Secret

Biden isn’t who Democrats make him to be and America needs to know that.

During a speech at the annual gala of the Black Conservative Federation in Columbia, South Carolina, former President Donald Trump made scathing remarks about President Biden, accusing him of being “a very nasty and vicious racist.” In response, the White House redirected inquiries to Jasmine Harris, the Black media director for the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign, who earlier labeled Trump as an “anti-Black tyrant.”

Trump’s allegations against Biden centered on the latter’s association with segregationists and the formulation of the 1994 crime bill, which Trump claimed disproportionately harmed the Black community. Notably, Trump himself has faced accusations of promoting racism, including assertions from Biden during the 2020 presidential campaign.

At the heart of Trump’s criticism was Biden’s past statement regarding Delaware being a “slave state,” along with his role in crafting legislation that exacerbated sentencing disparities. Trump also referenced Biden’s infamous remark about not wanting his children to grow up in a “racial jungle,” made during a speech in 1977.

Responding to Trump’s accusations, Harris emphasized Trump’s history of racially divisive rhetoric and actions, highlighting instances such as his involvement in the Central Park Five case and comments about George Floyd. She portrayed Trump as an “incompetent, anti-Black tyrant” and underscored his low regard for Black Americans.

During his speech, Trump claimed that the Black community embraced his police mugshot, suggesting solidarity due to shared experiences of discrimination. This assertion drew criticism online, with many rejecting the notion of Trump being embraced by the Black community.

Trump’s mention of his mugshot referred to his arrest in 2023 in Fulton County, Georgia, on charges related to his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. Despite facing legal challenges, including allegations of mishandling classified information and orchestrating hush money payments, Trump has maintained his innocence, attributing the charges to political motivations.

Black Americans have historically been a crucial demographic for the Democratic Party, as evidenced by polling data showing overwhelming support for Biden over Trump. In a hypothetical rematch, Biden commanded a significant lead among Black voters, reflecting the enduring allegiance of this demographic to the Democratic Party.