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Vice President Raided?

It has just been learned that the FBI will now be searching former Vice President Mike Pence’s home and office for more classified documents.

According to Fox, the FBI and a spokesperson for Mike Pence refused to discuss any details about Pence’s home being searched for documents however an inside source alerted media outlets that Pence’s home was going to be looked through by FBI agents.

So far, classified documents have been found in Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Mike Pence’s home. Pence is the only person out of those 3 men who has yet to have the FBI there to search his home for themselves until now.

After classified documents were found in Biden’s possession Pence revealed that he also had classified documents and immediately turned them over to the FBI personally.

Donald Trump has denied that the documents which were found in Mar-a-Lago were classified because he said that a president is allowed to declassify anything he wishes to declassify.

Additionally, there is also an open investigation into the documents which were recovered from President Biden’s personal office and garage.