Is Censorship Under Biden The Biggest Threat To America's Freedom?

Illegals Allowed To Vote In D.C.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has sounded that alarm and is saying that he is fully against the District of Columbia Council’s new decision to allow illegal immigrants to vote in local elections.

According to Newsmax, Graham noted that he quickly signed onto a new resolution which was proposed by Republican Tom Cotton to block the measure from going into effect.

Graham condemned Democrats for allowing this change to even take place and said, “Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it always does. I completely support Senator @TomCottonAR efforts to stop the D.C. Council from allowing illegal immigrants and other foreign nationals to vote.”

“Nothing should be more offensive to the American people than allowing illegal immigrants to participate in our elections,” Graham said doubling down on Democrats.

Senator Tom Cotton introduced the new joint resolution along side Republican James Comer who is also against the new plan.

Sadly however, the chances of Republicans stopping this from going into effect is unlikely because the proposed resolution will have to pass both the GOP-controlled House and will likely be rejected in the Democrat-controlled Senate.