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Trump Threatens To Do What To GOP?

Former President Donald Trump is now warning the Republican Party that he will run against them if they decide to abandon him and not elect him to be their 2024 party nominee.

According to Raw Story, Trump’s threat to the GOP could mean that Donald Trump could completely sabotage the Republican Party by taking away votes from their 2024 republican candidate, if it’s not him, and hand Democrats an easy presidential victory.

While Trump has not actually said these statements himself, the New York Magazine‘s Ed Kilgore strongly believes that’s his plans.

Kilgore explained that even thought Trump signed a ‘loyalty pledge’ in 2016 before running his successful campaign, he threatened a number of times to take his supporters right out of the Republican Party by launching a third-party or independent bid.

“If Republican leaders turn on Trump — say, to back Ron DeSantis — he will almost certainly complain that he’s being treated unfairly and look to retaliate,” Kilgore explained.

Kilgore believes that Trump could choose to completely derail the Republicans 2024 chances taking away votes from the GOP candidate.

As of right now, key polling information shows that Donald Trump is ahead of other top GOP candidates such as Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley.