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Biden Caught In Massive Cover Up?

Republicans are still trying to locate a crucial whistleblower regarding Biden’s corruption, as stated by Rep. James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky. According to him, this informant is vital to the investigation into the supposed bribery scheme involving the Biden family, but is currently missing.

According to Fox, on Monday morning, Rep. Tim Burchett, a Republican from Tennessee, stated that the GOP was still unable to locate the critical witness. He confirmed that federal agencies, including the FBI and DOJ, have ignored both the missing informant and the supposed corruption involving the Biden family. Burchett made these remarks to Maria Bartiromo on FOX Business.

During an appearance on “Mornings with Maria,” Rep. Tim Burchett, who serves on both the Oversight and Foreign Affairs Committees, stated that the FBI and DOJ have chosen to ignore the situation. He emphasized that this is concerning because it has led to a point where Speaker McCarthy needs to have a one-on-one meeting with Director Wray to discuss their handling of the matter. Burchett suggested that the agencies had mishandled the situation from the beginning.

Burchett also criticized the FBI and DOJ for focusing on George Santos, who he described as a minor player, while ignoring more substantial allegations of corruption and influence peddling within the White House. He alleged that there were over ten million reasons to investigate the situation. Burchett claimed that the agencies had issued a report, but were not being transparent about it.

Rep. James Comer, who has been a leading voice among Republicans in their efforts to expose the alleged corrupt business activities of the Biden family, discussed new revelations on Fox News. These revelations are adding more momentum to the ongoing congressional investigation.

Comer disclosed that out of the ten individuals they have identified who possess crucial information about the Bidens, nine of them are in one of three situations: currently involved in a legal case, currently serving a jail sentence, or currently missing.

According to Rep. Burchett, Republicans should not expect the FBI to investigate the matter anytime soon. He implied that the agency has shown no willingness to take action regarding the incident.