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Kamala’s Home Invaded

On Sunday, a group of migrants arrived near the residence of Vice President Kamala Harris, who is responsible for overseeing the nation’s border policies.

According to Newsmax, on Mother’s Day, Christian Flores, a Washington journalist, tweeted that a bus carrying migrants from Texas had arrived at the Naval Observatory, which is located near Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence. Flores also mentioned that this was happening after the expiration of Title 42, and that Texas Governor Greg Abbott had previously sent busloads of migrants on Christmas Eve.

Following the expiration of Title 42 on Thursday, a policy implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic to enable the swift deportation of undocumented immigrants on health grounds, the aforementioned report emerged.

In 2021, the Biden administration assigned Vice President Harris with the task of spearheading diplomatic discussions aimed at addressing the underlying causes of the immigration issue. Some Republicans nicknamed her the “border czar,” a label that the White House has denied.

President Biden appointed Kamala Harris to fix the border. It’s hilarious to see that not only has Kamala not done anything to fix things but now she has to see the migrants that she responsible for right in front of her house on a daily basis.

According to a report by CBS News on Thursday, the policy’s termination has left approximately 60,000 migrants waiting near the U.S.-Mexico border close to El Paso, Texas.