Trump Says He's Loyal To America, You Agree?

VIDEO: Biden’s Pathetic Lie To Win In 2024

President Joe Biden informed reporters on Sunday during a bicycle ride in Delaware that the management of the US southern border was exceeding their expectations.

According to Newsmax, journalist Steve Herman posted on social media that according to Biden, the situation at the US-Mexico border was much better than what was expected by the reporters.

When questioned if he had any plans to visit the border, the President responded negatively, stating that he has no intention of doing so in the near future since it would cause disruption.

Herman mentioned that, as per the President’s statement, he expects to meet with congressional leaders on Tuesday to discuss the impending debt ceiling crisis. However, he also intends to attend the G-7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, later this week.

Biden needs to stop lying and start telling Americans the honest truth about what’s going on at the southern border. Biden has let millions of illegals slip into the United States and even went as far as forcing an immediate halt to Trump’s border wall when coming into office.