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Biden Cancels 2024 Run?

Recently, First Lady Jill Biden claimed that the only thing President Biden had left to do was to just pick a date to announce his 2024 run.

However, now it appears that President Biden himself is rolling back on his wife’s comments and is saying that he has “other things to finish” before announcing his 2024 run for the presidency.

According to The Hill, Biden joked, “Well, apparently, someone interviewed my wife today, I heard. I gotta call her and find out.”

Biden then said, “No, all kidding aside, my intention … has been from the beginning to run, but there’s too many other things I have to finish in the near-term before I start a campaign.”

Biden has always said he has intentions to run for the second bid however it appears strange now that he is rolling back on his wife’s comments.

President Biden then doubled down and said, “I meant what I said. I’ve got other things to finish before I get into a full-blown campaign.”

President Biden did not elaborate further on what those other “things” were however he did not seem confident whatsoever about running in 2024.

Other than Kamala Harris, the Democrats don’t really have another good candidate to replace President Biden with. Rumors have circulated that California Governor Gavin Newsom could run however no announcement has been made.

Progressive Marianne Williamson has also entered the 2024 race however there is very little confidence behind her.