Can Trump Prevent World War III?

Top Republican Exposes Biden’s Cowardice

Republican Senator Rick Scott shocked America when he attacked President Biden and ordered him to start cutting business ties with Russia and Communist China. Scott also went as far as saying that President Biden refuses to cut ties with China and Russia because he believes he is “compromised”.

According to Newsmax, Scott openly stated, “We’ve got to stop pacifying. All that Biden does is pacify China. I don’t know why he does this. I don’t know if he’s compromised.”

Scott then added, “I don’t know what it is, but this is a guy who won’t stand up to dictators around the world.”

The Republican Senator even warned that China and Russia are no longer our competitors but they have actually become our “enemies” and should be treated as such moving forward.

Scott called to boycott both nations saying, “We’ve got to stop buying anything, anything, anything made in Communist China or made in Russia. No American business should do any business, any business in Communist China or Russia. None.”

Rick Scott isn’t the first lawmaker to say that America needs to get off of our dependence on China however his words seem heavier now since tensions have reached a breaking point.

The United States has very sternly warned China to not supply and weapons to Russia and China has fired back at the U.S. for supplying weapons to Ukraine.

On Thursday, Scott again attacked China saying, “Communist China has chosen to be our enemy. The CCP wants to destroy our way of life, and @JoeBiden shows nothing but weak appeasement. The American people deserve a leader in Washington who stands up to evil regimes and puts America first.”