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Ocasio-Cortez Sides With Republicans, Gets Humiliated

Ocasio-Cortez is one very confused lawmaker.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a prominent figure in the progressive Squad, has added her voice to the chorus of critics lambasting the New York City Police Department’s dance team, but her concerns aren’t solely about crime.

In a recent tweet, AOC questioned the allocation of resources, particularly in light of her support for the defund the police movement, wondering aloud how many school music programs might have been affected by budget cuts while the police department maintains a dance team.

The NYPD’s dance team garnered attention after a live performance aired on PIX 11 news, drawing swift condemnation online. Critics argue that the department should be focusing its efforts on tackling crime rather than showcasing dance routines. Some also find the performance offensive, viewing it as a misuse of taxpayer funds and a slight to women in law enforcement.

Nicole Parker, a former FBI agent and Fox News Contributor, expressed concern over the timing of the performance, citing rising violent crime rates in New York City and questioning its appropriateness amidst these challenges.

Responding to AOC’s remarks, social media users criticized her priorities, suggesting that she should focus on issues such as immigration and political accountability rather than police performances.

Last April, Ocasio-Cortez had criticized Mayor Eric Adams for increasing police salaries, arguing that resources should be redirected to other community needs like education and public services.

The controversy over the police dance team arises amid ongoing challenges for New York City, including the management of a large influx of migrants. Recent incidents, such as attacks on NYPD officers in Times Square allegedly involving migrants, have heightened concerns about public safety.

While citywide crime statistics show mixed trends, with increases in robbery and grand larceny but declines in other categories compared to the previous year, the recent uptick in violent crimes underscores ongoing challenges for law enforcement and policymakers alike.