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Michelle Obama-AOC 2024?

With the midterms behind us, the next major election every politician in America is looking at is the 2024 presidential election.

Now, mainstream media and a number of political pundits are hoping that former First Lady Michelle Obama and Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will team up to create a nightmare duo to replace Biden and Kamala.

Media outlet 19FourtyFive, decided to break down what a Obama-AOC matchup would look like in 2024 and a number of Americans either love the idea or are completely outraged by it.

Anyone with common sense knows that Michelle Obama running with AOC would be nightmare scenario however liberals know that the duo would be chaotic enough to gain attention.

Ever since coming into politics, Ocasio-Cortez’s career has been catapulted into the limelight with her extremely far-left ideologies.

AOC has used her massive social media presence to hint at the idea of running in 2024 and her radical supporters continue to egg her on. Liberals have even gone as far as urging her to run not only if Biden resigns but to outright challenge him if he runs for re-election.

Ocasio-Cortez while still young, highly inexperienced and underachieved might not have a chance at winning the presidency in 2024 unless she teams up with former First Lady Michelle Obama and runs as her Vice President.

For years now, Democrats have been begging Michelle Obama to run because they believe having the Obama family back in the White House would be a good solution to the poor lack of democratic candidates.

Democrats want Michelle Obama to run for a number of reasons including the fact that she was in the White House with her husband for eight long years.

Additionally, if Michelle Obama did run she would immediately have a very strong donor base that would be nearly identical to the one Barack Obama had when he ran.

Michelle Obama has said that she isn’t interested in running in 2024 however things could change quickly if Biden continues to fail at holding down the presidency.