Is Trump Still The Leader Of The Republican Party?

Texas GOP Does Biden’s Job

Because President Biden refuses to do his job and secure the U.S. southern border, the Texas National Guard has resorted to laying down several layers of razor wire in areas where there is high levels of border crossings.

According to Newsmax, Governor Greg Abbott shared images which went viral of the Texas National Guard laying down razor wire with the caption, “They’re working around the clock to secure the border in the federal government’s absence.”

The Republican state of Texas has been forced to boost their security to protect their border using “Operation Lone Star” which was started in March to prevent illegal crossings from Mexico.

Governor Abbott criticized Biden in November and wrote, “Until Congress acts or the Biden administration does its constitutionally required job, Texas Guardsmen and Troopers must bear the burden of securing the border. You must continue to keep Texans and Americans safe and protect against an invasion of the southern border.”

Adding, “I order you to use all resources and tools available to repel immigrants from attempting to cross illegally, arrest those who cross illegally and return them to the border, and arrest criminals who violate Texas law.”

Governor Abbott’s “Operation Lone Star” has successfully stopped more than 336,000 migrant from entering the country and over 23,000 criminal arrests have been made. Out of these 336,000 migrants who were apprehended there is no telling how many illegals actually entered the U.S. undetected.

Additionally, Texas has given President Biden a taste of their own medicine by transporting over 16,000 illegals out of the state and into Democrat-controlled states however the Democrats still don’t appear to care.