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Christians Reject Biden

President Biden was recently confronted about the fact that he is not attending the funeral of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and things got very awkward very quickly.

For starters, it is unclear if President Biden was even invited to the funeral however it appears very strange that he is not attending the funeral of the Pope even though Biden constantly claims to be a very devout Catholic.

In transcript provided by Fox, EWTN’s Owen Jensen asked President Biden, “You’re not attending his funeral tomorrow though, why?”

Biden, who appeared agitated, responded,”Well, why do you think?” 

Jensen then replied, “Well, you tell me.”

Biden replied again, “you know why.” Jensen replied, “you can tell me.” 

Biden then said, “The reason I’m not attending the funeral tomorrow is it would take an entourage of a thousand people to show up. We would move everything in the wrong direction.”  

Biden later added that he would just get in the way if he decided to attend the funeral. However he did say that Pope Benedict XVI was a “fine man.”

President Biden’s White House Press Secretary later cleared up the confusion and explained that U.S. ambassador to the Holy See, Joe Donnelly, will attend on behalf of the United States.