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Top Republican Chickens Out, Breaks Promise

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, has reversed her stance regarding the public disclosure of the recorded tapes that document the events of the January 6, 2021, insurrection. She expressed concern on Friday that making these tapes public could potentially jeopardize the security of the Capitol.

According to The Hill, during an interview with Real America’s Voice, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene voiced her opinion that the release of video footage pertaining to the January 6, 2021, events would pose a risk to the security of the Capitol. She further emphasized that it could potentially endanger individuals who were present on the Capitol grounds but did not participate in the breach or commit any crimes.

“And this is our real concern with the video tapes. If we released these video tapes just widely for the public — number one, we put the security of the Capitol at risk, because there’s over 1,700 video cameras,” Greene argued.

“Number two, we also endanger many Americans that were simply standing on the Capitol grounds, maybe never even walked through the Capitol or committed any crimes, but they could have just walked further than where the barrier was simply because the barrier was torn down by the time they got there,” she added.

Expressing her concerns, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene highlighted the potential misuse of facial recognition technology by left-wing groups who could exploit the video footage to identify individuals and subsequently provide their information to the FBI and Justice Department. While acknowledging that certain individuals engaged in acts of violence and violated the law, she also emphasized that a significant number of people present did not commit any crimes and should not be subject to undue consequences.

“Sedition Hunters would spend every second of every day analyzing the videos in order to hunt innocent people that just stood on Capitol grounds on J6,” Greene wrote.

In the past, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene had advocated for the public release of the tapes, emphasizing the importance of ensuring transparency and providing clarity regarding the events that transpired, allowing everyone to have a clear understanding of what did or did not occur.