Is House GOP Impeachment of Mayorkas A 'Sham' Like Schumer Says?

VIDEO: Pelosi’s Racist Attack On Biden Supporters

Pelosi is now being accused of being a racist by the liberals and it’s hilarious.

Social media users criticized ex-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, following the emergence of a video from October. In the video, Pelosi is seen telling protesters supporting Palestine from Code Pink to return to China, mentioning that it is where their “headquarters is.”

“In October, Pelosi instructed our members advocating for a ceasefire to ‘go back to China,’ as shared by Code Pink on X, along with a video capturing Pelosi’s interaction with the protesters on Monday.”

Pelosi faced criticism from social media users, with Trending Politics co-owner Collin Rugg expressing his opinion on X that Pelosi has “lost it.”

Consider the response that would ensue if a member of the Republican party articulated the same sentiments as those expressed by Nancy Pelosi, remarked GOP strategist Steve Guest.

Presumably, Pelosi was alluding to a New York Times article that linked Code Pink to a Chinese propaganda network.

This week, Pelosi implied that individuals advocating for a cease-fire in Gaza are somehow linked to Russia.

“They are in front of my house all the time,” Pelosi informed CNN. “I have a sense of the emotions they harbor. However, we must consider our actions. Our focus should be on alleviating the suffering in Gaza – women, children, and those without a place to go. Let’s address that. However, their call for a cease-fire aligns with Mr. Putin’s message, without a doubt. Make no mistake; this is directly linked to his preferences, similar to the situation with Ukraine. It’s about Putin’s message. While I believe some of these protesters are spontaneous, genuine, and organic, I suspect that some are connected to Russia. I express this opinion after thorough consideration over an extended period.”