Is Biden Administration To Blame For The Record 300K Encounters At Southern Border?

Schumer’s Insane Trump Accusation

Schumer is losing his mind with conspiracy theories.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat from New York, criticized House Republicans for what he deemed a baseless attempt to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, characterizing it as a political move ordered by former President Donald Trump. The Homeland Security Committee, divided along party lines, voted on Wednesday to advance impeachment proceedings against Mayorkas, alleging a “willful and systematic” failure to enforce immigration laws.

On the Senate floor, Schumer argued that the Republican-led effort lacked any substantial evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Secretary Mayorkas. He firmly attributed the impeachment push to Trump, emphasizing that it was an attempt to satisfy the former president’s desires at the expense of the Constitution.

Schumer expressed disdain for what he called an “unserious spectacle” by House Republicans, asserting that their actions did nothing to address border security concerns. He contrasted this with bipartisan Senate negotiations on a supplementary bill focused on providing aid to Ukraine while addressing reforms related to asylum laws and parole policies.

The Senate Majority Leader accused House Republicans of exploiting border issues solely for political gains, particularly in support of Trump’s political agenda. He described the impeachment effort as a new low, branding it an abuse of the Constitution.

According to reports, Senate aides anticipated that Schumer might refer any articles of impeachment passed by the House to a special Senate evidentiary committee, possibly delaying a review until after the November election. Meanwhile, House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, commended the Homeland Security Committee’s vote, characterizing it as a necessary step to hold Mayorkas accountable for what he perceived as a failure to comply with immigration laws and an obstruction of oversight. Johnson accused Mayorkas of contributing to the “worst border catastrophe in American history.”