Newsom Calls Trump 'Unhinged,' Is He Right?

Cheney, Swift vs Republicans

Let’s hope Taylor Swift stay away from politics.

In the ongoing internal conflict within the Republican Party involving Taylor Swift, former GOP Representative Liz Cheney has publicly aligned herself with the acclaimed singer. Cheney conveyed her endorsement for Swift in the face of mounting criticism directed at the artist from conservative quarters, stating on the platform X, previously known as Twitter, that “Taylor Swift is a national treasure.”

This endorsement by Cheney coincides with heightened attacks on Swift from the right, particularly following the Kansas City Chiefs’ recent triumph over the Baltimore Ravens, securing a spot in the Super Bowl. Swift’s association with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has fueled critiques from Republicans, who accuse her of harboring extreme political views within the GOP.

Despite Swift’s non-endorsement in the 2024 election, past support for Joe Biden in 2020, and backing Democratic candidates in the 2018 midterms, the singer has become a focal point for conservative criticism. Swift’s political affiliations have stirred discussions on whether her views impact her extensive fan base, with conservative social media platforms delving into conspiracy theories surrounding the pop star.

A Newsweek-conducted poll revealed varied reactions among voters to Swift’s potential endorsements. Approximately 18 percent expressed an increased likelihood of supporting a candidate endorsed by Swift, while 17 percent indicated decreased likelihood. For the majority (55 percent), Swift’s support held no sway over their voting decisions.

This sentiment cut across party lines, with both Biden and Trump supporters displaying a mix of receptivity and skepticism towards Swift’s influence. Notably, 22 percent of Biden voters and 18 percent of Trump voters claimed they would be more inclined to vote for a candidate supported by Swift.

Despite the speculation around Swift’s potential impact on elections, historical instances, such as her endorsement of Phil Bredesen in the 2018 Senate race, suggest that her political backing may not always translate into success. Cheney’s public stance on the Swift controversy has resulted in a division within Republican ranks, with anti-Swift conservatives condemning Cheney as a “national disgrace” and suggesting her alignment with Swift implies Democratic leanings, while pro-Swift conservatives endorsed Cheney’s position, countering criticism from the anti-Swift faction within the party.