Fox Says DeSantis Has Better Chance Against Biden Than Trump, You Agree?

Voters Want Who In 2024?

Although President Biden appears to be a highly likely candidate for the Democratic nomination, liberals are increasingly expressing apprehension about the potential decline of his mental acuity or physical stamina.

According to Fox, In the liberal voters’ perspective, casting a shadow over the 2024 landscape is the “unsettling” possibility of a second Trump presidency.

Ruy Teixeira, a liberal observer, perceives President Biden as “an extraordinarily weak candidate” who remains stagnant in polling numbers around the low 40s and is not expected to experience significant upward movement.

Some Democrats may be underestimating the potential of the former president. Despite the baggage associated with Trump, such as his continuous focus on the alleged election fraud in 2020, there are concerns that he could still pose a formidable challenge as an opponent. Notably, with Trump holding a slight lead in the Real Clear Politics average, it is suggested that these early results should not be disregarded.

Considering the fact that former President Trump is currently facing indictments, ongoing investigations related to the events of January 6th and other matters, and has recently lost a sexual assault lawsuit, one might expect President Biden to have a significant lead in popularity, strangely however he doesn’t.

Teixeira further argues that Biden and the Democrats have failed to establish clear boundaries with regard to the cultural extremists within their own party. The increasing public backlash against issues such as crime, illegal immigration, and the inclusion of sexual material in school curricula is expected to negatively impact Biden’s candidacy.

The Democrat Party has one very big problem heading into 2024 and the problem is Joe Biden. While Republicans are infighting right now to determine who will get the 2024 GOP nomination the party is very likely to unify after all the dust settles.