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Biden Submits, Admits Trump Is Right

Biden knew all along.

The ongoing debate surrounding asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border has brought President Joe Biden under scrutiny from Republicans, who are urging him to take action using executive authority. House Speaker Mike Johnson has been vocal in his criticism, particularly after a comprehensive immigration package failed to gain traction in the Senate. Now it appears that Biden is inadvertently admitting that both Trump and Republicans were right from the very beginning about how to deal with the southern border.

Johnson questioned why Biden hadn’t utilized his existing executive powers to address the situation, prompting the administration to consider invoking Section 212(f) of the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act. This provision grants the president the authority to suspend immigration for individuals deemed harmful to U.S. interests.

For Biden, such a move represents a significant shift, especially considering his previous statements suggesting he had exhausted his options in dealing with the influx of migrants. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has been quick to capitalize on the situation, criticizing Biden’s handling of the border crisis and emphasizing its potential impact on upcoming elections.

While the Biden administration has indicated a willingness to explore executive action, no concrete decision has been made yet. White House spokesperson Angelo Fernández Hernández highlighted the administration’s preference for bipartisan solutions, lamenting the failure of negotiations in Congress.

The recent rejection of a $118 billion immigration bill by Senate Republicans further complicates the situation. The bill, which included provisions regarding border security and migrant crossings, faced internal opposition, particularly regarding thresholds for border closure.

Despite some recent decline in border crossings, the overall numbers remain high, with over 1 million encounters reported last month alone. This underscores the urgent need for effective policies to manage the situation, yet with Congress deadlocked, the path forward remains uncertain.

Johnson, continuing his criticism, holds the Biden administration responsible for what he perceives as lax border policies. However, with no immediate consensus in sight, the challenge of addressing the border crisis persists, leaving both lawmakers and the administration grappling for solutions in the midst of a contentious political landscape.