Is Biden's Weakness The Reason For Middle East Chaos?

Obama Targets Trump Family

Obama is doing everything he can to help Biden.

Ben Rhodes, former deputy national security adviser under the Obama administration, recently expressed grave concerns regarding Jared Kushner’s business dealings, characterizing them as a staggering display of corruption unprecedented in American politics. Rhodes addressed Kushner’s firm’s investments abroad, highlighting what he perceived as alarming patterns of influence peddling and conflicts of interest.

In response to investigative reports by The New York Times revealing that a substantial portion of Kushner’s investment funds originated from foreign sources, Rhodes emphasized the gravity of the situation. He underscored Kushner’s lack of qualifications for his role in the White House and accused him of leveraging his position to cultivate relationships with Gulf Arab states, particularly in light of his involvement in the aftermath of Jamal Khashoggi’s murder.

Rhodes raised red flags about Kushner’s post-White House activities, particularly his securing of a significant investment from Saudi Arabia shortly after leaving his government position. He suggested that such transactions could potentially compromise U.S. foreign policy, particularly if Trump were to return to office.

Furthermore, Rhodes drew parallels between Kushner’s business dealings and the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden, son of President Biden, who has faced scrutiny over his business activities. He argued that while Hunter Biden’s actions have been subject to investigation, Kushner’s conduct, involving substantial financial gains, raises even more profound ethical concerns.

Despite criticisms and allegations of impropriety, Kushner has maintained that his actions comply with legal and regulatory standards. However, Rhodes and others, including House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chair James Comer, have condemned Kushner’s behavior, framing it as a blatant distortion of American values and a dangerous precedent for the intersection of politics and business.

In conclusion, Rhodes’s remarks shed light on what he perceives as a troubling erosion of ethical norms within the corridors of power, exemplified by Kushner’s business dealings. The situation underscores the need for robust oversight and accountability measures to safeguard against the exploitation of public office for personal gain.