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Biden Breaks Rule, Trump Pays The Price

How is the mainstream media going to defend this?

Amidst the political fray, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) found itself under scrutiny for covering legal expenses incurred by President Biden during the special counsel investigation into his handling of classified information. Simultaneously, Biden’s campaign criticized the Republican National Committee (RNC) for financing former President Trump’s legal defense against multiple criminal charges.

The DNC allocated funds to Bob Bauer, a lawyer previously associated with former President Obama and married to senior White House advisor Anita Dunn, for legal representation following revelations of his involvement in President Biden’s classified documents controversy. Reports indicate that over $1.05 million was disbursed to Bauer and other attorneys representing Biden during the investigation led by special counsel Robert Hur, spanning from July 2023 to February 2024.

Responding to inquiries, DNC spokesman Alex Floyd emphasized a distinction between their financial approach and Trump’s, asserting that the DNC does not utilize grassroots donors’ contributions for legal expenditures. In contrast, Floyd accused Trump of actively seeking legal fees from his supporters and depleting available funds for personal use.

The revelation of DNC payments coincided with Biden’s campaign rhetoric criticizing Trump’s utilization of donor funds to settle legal obligations. Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, highlighted the disparity in fundraising strategies, portraying Biden’s campaign as financially robust compared to what she depicted as Trump’s financially strapped operation relying on limited resources and billionaire donations to cover legal costs.

While the Biden campaign refrained from immediate comment, the Trump campaign seized the opportunity to accuse Biden and the Democrats of hypocrisy. They alleged that Biden’s campaign had misled the public by denying expenditure on legal bills while simultaneously benefiting from DNC funding for such purposes.

Contrary to the RNC’s financial support for Trump, Biden’s campaign refrained from leveraging legal matters involving the former president to solicit donations from supporters. Floyd pointed out the substantial sums Trump’s committees expended on legal fees and highlighted their fundraising appeals citing Trump’s legal battles, contrasting it with Biden’s campaign’s approach.