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Chick-fil-A Girl Reveals Truth About Trump

Nobody expected to hear this.

In Atlanta, a vocal Trump supporter, Michaelah Montgomery, gained attention for her encounter with the former president at a local Chick-fil-A, where she expressed her support amidst what she perceives as skewed media narratives about Black voters. Montgomery, founder of Conserve the Culture, emphasized during an appearance on “FOX & Friends” that the prevailing portrayal of Trump’s popularity among Black communities is inaccurately negative.

Contrary to the media’s suggestion that Trump’s presence might incite hostility, Montgomery highlighted the warm reception he received, especially from attendees representing various historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in Atlanta. She underscored the genuine excitement among those present and stressed that the media often distorts public sentiment.

During Trump’s visit to the Chick-fil-A, Montgomery seized the opportunity to convey her support directly to him, despite media narratives to the contrary. Trump’s response, a smile and a hug, reinforced her conviction that genuine support for him exists within the Black community, regardless of media portrayal.

Montgomery emphasized the educational aspect of the encounter for her students, highlighting how media narratives can manipulate perceptions. She lamented the implication that Black individuals are swayed solely by superficial gestures like food offerings, rather than making informed decisions.

Recent polls indicating an increase in Black support for Trump have sparked discussion about shifting political allegiances within the community. Montgomery attributed this shift to Trump’s perceived authenticity and transparency in communicating his agenda. She suggested that many Black voters appreciate Trump’s straightforwardness, even if they don’t agree with all his methods.

In contrast, Montgomery criticized President Biden’s track record, particularly during his tenure as a U.S. senator, accusing him of policies detrimental to the Black community. She highlighted Biden’s role in policies such as mass incarceration and segregation, arguing that his actions have not benefited Black Americans.

Montgomery’s perspective underscores the complexity of political allegiances within the Black community and challenges prevailing media narratives. Her encounter with Trump serves as a reminder that genuine support can exist outside the confines of media portrayal, and political decisions are often influenced by a variety of factors beyond surface-level analysis.