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Jan 6 Panel Gets Their Revenge On Trump

As the crooked and fully corrupt Jan. 6 Committee begins to wrap up their bogus investigation on former President Donald Trump, it has now been learned that they will issue criminal referrals to Biden’s Department of Justice.

According to the Washington Examiner, Democrat Rep. Bennie Thompson stated, “We have made decisions on criminal referrals.” Thompson also added that the decision to consider witnesses of potentially committing perjury was still “part of the discussion.”

What’s even more interesting about this bogus investigation is that while they have admitted that they plan to issue criminal referrals, they still have not decided on whom to refer and on what grounds.

Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin also added, “We’re in the process of bringing forward different recommendations to the full committee for consideration.”

Additionally, a spokesperson for the committee explained, “referrals to outside entities should be considered as a final part of its work. The committee will make decisions about specifics in the days ahead.”

It is very likely that the Jan 6 Panel will issue criminal referrals to close allies of Donald Trump. They will likely not target Trump directly because doing so wouldn’t make Trump’s case any worse since they have already tried to do so many times already.