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Voting Age Lowered To What?

In an unbelievable turn of events, city councilors out of Boston, Massachusetts, just voted to allow residents age 16 and 17 to vote in municipal elections.

According to Newsmax, City leaders voted 9-4 to pass a petition which is aiming to lower the voting age for municipal elections as long as the voters meet preexisting conditions to cast a ballot.

Councilor Julia Mejia stated, “We have a lot of young people who are working — oftentimes two jobs — just to help support their families, paying taxes, and on the frontlines protesting and trying to find ways to have their voices heard. And every day we make decisions on their behalf.”

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu will now decide if the new law is passed. If Wu does sign off on the bill, it will make it’s way to the state Legislature to be reviewed.

“We know what happens at the State House — most things go there to die,” Mejia explained.

Later adding,”I believe that this is an opportunity for us to organize other municipalities across the state and then create the groundswell of support that this initiative deserves and that is led by young people.”

Boston Councilor Kenzie Bok added, “I think that if we give our young folks a chance to start forming that voting habit when they’re 16 or 17, when they’re still rooted in the communities that they lived their whole life in … that’s actually how you build that civic habit that really leads to lifelong civic engagement.”

It’s important to remember this is a long running tactic by the Democrats to lower the voting age for all elections moving forward. They are starting our small by letting Americans under the age of 18 vote in municipal elections. They are slowly changing the rules to get under 18 voters, who are often times very likely to vote Democrat, to vote in major elections.

This isn’t the first time they have pushed a plan like this, even Nancy Pelosi supports it. In 2019 Pelosi pushed to lower the voting age to 16 and said, “I myself have always been for lowering the voting age to 16.”