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VIDEO: Biden Forgets National Anthem

During a joint appearance with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Joe Biden found himself in an uncomfortable situation when he realized that the Indian national anthem was playing instead of “The Star Spangled Banner.” Initially assuming that the American anthem would be performed by the orchestra, Biden instinctively placed his hand over his heart. However, as the Indian national anthem began, video footage captured the president gradually lowering his hand back to his side.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi appeared unaffected or unaware, standing motionless with his hands resting at his side. This visit marks Modi’s second trip to the United States since Biden assumed the presidency. However, it has been met with controversy, particularly from the left wing of the Democratic Party, which has expressed concerns about some of Modi’s domestic policies.

The White House has publicly acknowledged the challenges India faces regarding democracy under Modi’s leadership and has assured that Biden will address these concerns during the visit, alongside other alleged human rights abuses. A senior administration official emphasized that the president and the prime minister have engaged in discussions regarding religious discrimination, treatment of minorities, and press freedom.

The official further highlighted Biden’s approach to such conversations, emphasizing his humility and understanding of the challenges faced by American society and democracy. The president seeks a dialogue that acknowledges mutual challenges and addresses a range of issues rather than resorting to mere admonishment or scolding.