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Pelosi Snaps On House GOP

During the House of Representatives’ debate on a resolution to censure Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) on Wednesday, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) criticized Republicans, accusing them of reducing the dignity of the House to a mere puppet show. The resolution aims to censure Schiff for his handling of investigations into former President Trump. Last week, the initial attempt to censure the California Democrat failed as 20 Republicans joined Democrats to block the resolution.

However according to The Hill, a revised version of the resolution successfully passed a procedural hurdle on Wednesday. Republicans voted against Democrats’ motion to table the resolution along party lines, resulting in a 218-208 vote. A final vote on the measure is scheduled for later in the day.

Addressing the House floor during the debate, Pelosi expressed her disappointment with the current state of affairs. She lamented the transformation of a chamber that had witnessed historic events such as the abolition of slavery and the establishment of Medicare and social security. Pelosi directly linked this degradation to the influence of former President Donald Trump, whom she referred to as the puppeteer, shining a light on the strings and making those involved appear miserable.

Pelosi, a former House Speaker, has consistently supported Schiff and publicly endorsed his candidacy for the competitive Senate seat in California. During her speech, she praised Schiff as one of the finest members of the House.

Pelosi also highlighted the missed opportunities resulting from the time wasted on the censure proceedings, emphasizing that instead of focusing on important matters like reversing the Inflation Reduction Act or reducing the cost of prescription drugs, the House’s valuable time was being squandered.