Have you heard this catchy tune?

In a shocking new lawsuit, four former inmates are now suing Oklahoma County Detention Center after they claimed to have been tortured by being forced to listen children’s song “Baby Shark” for hours with no break.

Furthermore, according to the Washington Examiner the inmates who were forced to listen to the children’s song were also forced to stand handcuffed in the attorney visitation room for four hours while listening to the song.

“Use of the ‘Baby Shark’ children’s song, in the manner described herein, is known device to torment,” attorneys claimed. “It has been reported that the city of West Palm Beach has utilized ‘Baby Shark’ outside an event center to deter homeless people from sleeping or convening in the area at night.”

The inmates are claiming that their 14th Amendment rights were violated.

The inmates are asking for $75,000 in damages from the court.