This is terrifying.

In an absolutely horrific turn of events 14-year-old, Tyre Sampson, fell to his brutal death while riding on Orlando’s FreeFall ride at ICON Park and transcript of the 911 call has just been released.

According to Fox, Immediately after the tragic accident, a concerned individual called 911 and told the dispatcher that someone fell of the the Freefall ride.

“Okay, so was he up off the ground?,” the dispatcher asked.

No, they didn’t secure the seatbelt on him,” the person said.

Then another person interrupted and explained, Sampson fell “right out of the seat.”

“The thing went down the drop, and like when it got closer to the bottom and hit the brakes, the guy fell right out of the seat, and bam. Went straight through the chair and just flopped. It was the biggest smack I’ve ever heard in my life…like I’ve seen him hit the ground,” the 911 caller explained.

“The ride was going, and during the middle of the ride, the guy just came off,” the caller explained.

The caller then after collecting his thoughts said, “No, he’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead. He’s face-down, there’s blood everywhere, he’s not breathing, I’ve checked his pulse, there’s no pulse.”

The video which has been leaked several places online including Twitter is simply too violent and graphic to share.

However, here is a video showing the exact ride that Sampson lost his life on and Sampson’s memorial items along with flowers and more can be seen at the location of his tragic death: