This is crazy!

When you hear about someone buying a mustang, you don’t think much of it. It’s a pretty common car that can be seen rolling around most cities and towns in America.

But when Billionaire Mark Cuban buys a mustang he’s not talking about a car, he’s talking about the the town of Mustang which can be found in Texas.

Yes, Mark Cuban recently told Dallas Morning News that he decided to buy and entire town of Mustang just for himself!

Why did Cuban buy the town of Mustang? Well, the answer is simple, his friend wanted to sell it.

“I don’t know what if anything I will do with it,” Cuban said.

It’s unclear just how much Cuban paid for the entire town, however in 2017 the town was listed for sale for $4 million and after no buyers came forward it eventually dropped to $2 million.

The town of Mustang is a small 76 acres town and has a small population of just 23 people.

While there is no information about what Cuban plans on doing with the small town of Mustang. According to CBS, the town doesn’t have a local government body, so Cuban is legally allowed to build whatever he wants.