Social media is buzzing.

During a recent flight, an unidentified person quickly took a photo of a woman texting on an airplane and what can be seen on her messages is shocking.

The woman who was texting was seen confessing via private text messages that she and the people she was traveling with were positive for the coronavirus and that was why she was flying home early.

The photo made its way to social media platform reddit and immediately went viral. People were outraged that someone would be so reckless and endanger the lives of everyone on the plane by flying while sick.

On the woman’s unidentified phone, the woman can be seen typing, “We have Covid… shhhhh. That’s why we’re returning home a day early. On the plane…


People were outraged and thousands if not millions of messages were posted on Reddit and other social media sites as well such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

People called for the woman who sent those messages to be banned from the flight and some even called for putting the woman and her family behind bars for such an outrageous act.

Now however, Things have taken an interesting turn and many people are asking if it was even legal to “record” someones private messages without their knowledge.

Other social media users are claiming that the picture was faked all for someone to gain more influence on social media.

According to the NY Post, one social media user even claimed that the lady who typed the message likely knew that the person behind her was spying on her phone and tried to give them the surprise of a lifetime by falsely claiming she had COVID-19.

“Plot twist: she only typed that because she knows the asshole behind her is reading her messages,” the social media user wrote.

Sadly, neither the poster of the photograph nor the woman who was photographed has come forward to address the public about what truly happened on the flight and whether or not she actually had Covid.