MAGA Allies Expose Biden

A large number of MAGA Republicans are now doubling down on President Biden following his pathetic response to the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment which spilled dangerous chemicals throughout the town endangering residents lives.

According to Newsweek, Republicans condemned President Biden for simply not caring about Americans while former President Donald Trump announced that he was going to visit the small town to meet with residents and get a better understanding of what happened.

Republican Lauren Boebert attacked Biden saying, “[Former] President Trump is heading to East Palestine next week. Biden has announced no such plans. Says everything.”

Republican Rudy Guiliani also took a shot at Biden saying, “[Former] President Donald J. Trump to visit East Palestine, Ohio next week and meet with residents impacted by the train derailment. Meanwhile—Mayor Pete is no where to be found and Joe Biden thinks East Palestine is west of Israel!”

Conservative Liz Wheeler said that it’s small things like this which resulted in Trump winning the presidency in 2016 and said, “Baller move by Trump to visit East Palestine when Buttigieg & Biden basically ignore. This is how Trump won 2016, paying attention to the forgotten white working class.”

President Biden is basically telling the American people that he doesn’t care about them. This is disgusting and if former President Donald Trump did anything like this when he was in charge, Democrats would have already tried to impeach him.