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Ocasio-Cortez Has Mental Breakdown Over Simple Joke

In a hilarious new meltdown, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is cautioning her Twitter followers about a fraudulent account falsely posing as her.

In transcript provided by The Hill, Ocasio-Cortez said, “FYI there’s a fake account on here impersonating me and going viral. The Twitter CEO has engaged it, boosting visibility. It is releasing false policy statements and gaining spread. I am assessing with my team how to move forward. In the meantime, be careful of what you see.”

The fraudulent Twitter account, titled Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Press Release (parody), has garnered nearly 100,000 followers and has been actively spreading false or deceptive information while falsely representing itself as the New York congresswoman.

Among its messages, the fake account pretending to be AOC wrote, “this might be the wine talking, but I’ve got a crush on [Musk].”

In response to the message, Elon Musk, whose account boasts over 141 million followers, reacted by tweeting a “fire” emoji in reply.

Here are just some of the fake but wildly hilarious tweets that the AOC account has posted: