Trump Says McConnell Needs To Retire, You Agree?

Biden Tells Obama To Get Lost

The Biden admin is standing firm in its defense of its strategy, particularly in response to a new reports pointing to criticism from former President Obama about the structure of the campaign and his concerns regarding the political strength of former President Trump leading up to the 2024 elections.

Quentin Fulks, the campaign manager for President Biden’s reelection bid, made an appearance on NBC News’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday to discuss the campaign’s approach, underscoring the alignment between Obama and President Biden in their shared belief that defeating Trump is of utmost importance.

Fulks stated, “We are committed to maintaining competitiveness and expanding the necessary infrastructure for victory. Barack Obama and President Biden maintain regular communication, as do our campaign and former operatives from President Biden’s administration.” He emphasized their united focus, saying, “We are both aligned in the belief that we must push back on MAGA extremists and the threat they pose to freedom and democracy. Consequently, our attention is squarely on addressing that.”

Responding to recent reports by The Washington Post detailing Obama’s concerns expressed during a White House lunch in December, Fulks defended the President, stating, “The president has been clear that the experience gained as vice president, serving alongside President Obama, has been crucial to his current role and accomplishments.” However, Fulks did not directly address specific questions about potential structural changes to the campaign.

Highlighting the campaign’s early start and proactive measures since April, Fulks noted, “Our campaign has been active since the president’s announcement in April, implementing innovative organizing programs to engage voters on the ground.” He underscored the campaign’s outreach efforts, particularly towards voters of color, Hispanic voters, and young voters, characterizing it as the most significant investment in history.

Fulks concluded by emphasizing the campaign’s urgency and commitment to engaging Americans, asserting, “We are running this campaign as though democracy is on the ballot because that is precisely what is at stake in this election.” He pointed to recent speeches by the President, such as the one at Valley Forge, as part of their ongoing efforts to present their case to the American people.