Was The Border More Secure Under Trump's Leadership?

Michelle Obama’s 2024 Warning To Voters

Michelle Obama has expressed deep concern and apprehension about the upcoming 2024 White House race, revealing her fears during an interview on Jay Shetty’s “On Purpose” podcast. The former first lady conveyed her anxiety regarding the impact of leadership choices on the nation, emphasizing the significance of those who hold influential positions.

In the interview, Obama stressed the crucial role of government, countering the perception that it might be ineffectual. She underscored the importance of not taking democracy for granted and expressed worry that people may overlook its significance. Issues such as ongoing conflicts in various regions, the trajectory of artificial intelligence, the state of education, excessive reliance on smartphones, and voter engagement were listed among her primary concerns.

Reflecting on her famous 2016 Democratic National Convention quote, “When they go low, we go high,” Obama addressed its evolution and the persisting offenses that disturb her, including injustice, ego, greed, racism, and ignorance. Despite encountering pain, anger, and disappointment, she emphasized the necessity of carefully delivering messages.

Amid reports of former President Obama’s concerns about the potential return of former President Trump to the White House, Michelle Obama indirectly criticized Trump’s leadership style. She emphasized the importance of the tone and tenor of messages, cautioning against impulsive and childish expressions in leadership positions. Michelle stressed the obligation of those with platforms to model reason, compassion, and empathy for the broader audience, aiming to resonate with positive values.