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VIDEO: Biden’s Health In Terrible Shape

President Biden stirred attention among social media users on Friday, delivering a speech in Pennsylvania and exhibiting apparent confusion upon landing in Delaware later that evening. Following his address in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, where he marked three years since the January 6 Capitol riot, the 81-year-old president faced criticism for both his remarks and behavior after the speech and upon arrival in Delaware for the weekend.

During the speech near Valley Forge, Biden extensively criticized former President Donald Trump, who maintains a significant lead in the GOP presidential primary field, and his supporters, referring to them as a “mob.” Accusing Trump of attempting to rewrite history and steal the election, Biden asserted that the 2020 election results proved Trump’s status as a “loser.”

Post-speech, First Lady Jill Biden swiftly approached the podium, embraced the president, and guided him offstage. While the couple exchanged words, their conversation remained indecipherable due to camera angles. Biden, after the embrace, thanked the audience before slowly leaving the stage.

Social media posts highlighted Jill Biden’s assistance, suggesting it was to prevent confusion, getting lost, or potential falls. Upon landing in Delaware for the weekend, users noted peculiar behavior as the president departed from Marine One.

The incident fueled existing concerns about Biden’s fitness for office, particularly regarding his age and mental acuity. An NBC poll revealed that 59% of registered voters expressed “major concerns” about his physical and mental health. Independent voter Brennan Gorman emphasized difficulties in Biden connecting with the younger generation, while 76% of voters believed he was “too old” for a second term.

Former White House physician Rep. Ronny Jackson raised alarms about Biden’s cognitive abilities, stating that Biden has “degenerated” over the past three years. Jackson expressed doubt about Biden’s capability to handle the responsibilities of the presidency and emphasized the impact on issues such as the border, overseas conflicts, and the economy.