Is America Safer When Republicans Are In Charge?

Jill Biden’s Scathing Attack On Trump

First Lady Jill Biden expressed her confidence on Saturday that the future of public education in the United States will remain promising if President Joe Biden is re-elected. In contrast, she warned that a presidency under Donald Trump would bring “chaos and division.”

Speaking to a crowd of 1,200 attendees at the United Federation of Teachers’ annual spring conference in Manhattan, the 72-year-old Biden highlighted her husband’s dedication to education. “I have always believed that Joe would make the best education president,” she stated.

In a sharp critique of Trump, she accused him of prioritizing only his own interests. “Donald Trump gets up every day caring about one person—and just one person—himself,” she said, eliciting boos from the predominantly left-leaning audience.

Jill Biden argued that Trump has no intention of supporting the public education system. “Donald Trump doesn’t want to strengthen our public education system—he wants to dismantle it,” she asserted, implying a clear campaign message.

“If Donald Trump is re-elected, we will face chaos and division,” she cautioned. “We would see a world where public schools are privatized, funding is slashed, teachers unions are undermined, lesson plans are censored, and books are banned. In America, we do not ban books.”

The event also featured notable figures such as Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and UFT President Michael Mulgrew.

Jill Biden’s appeal to the teachers’ union, which has historically supported the Democratic Party, came just days before Trump’s planned campaign rally in the South Bronx. The rally, set for May 23 at Crotona Park, will be Trump’s first in New York since 2016 and follows a major event at the Jersey Shore the previous weekend.

The first lady’s visit to New York was part of a broader campaign effort, having recently spent the week advocating for President Biden in Detroit and other key locations in Michigan, a critical battleground state.