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Jill Biden Reveals Joe’s Big Secret

In a move that roughly 50% of Americans didn’t expect to happen, First Lady Jill Biden just suggested that President Joe Biden will run for a second term.

According to Newsmax, Jill Biden explained to the Associated Press that there was “pretty much” nothing left to do for Biden except figuring out the time and place of where he will announce his 2024 run.

For months, political experts have been wondering if Joe Biden will really run again for a second term and now it appears very likely that he will. Biden’s presidency so far has been riddled with controversies, failures and embarrassments and many people believed that he would resign. Sadly it appears he wont.

“How many times does he have to say it for you to believe it?” Jill Biden said while in Africa.

She then said, “He says he’s not done. He’s not finished what he’s started. And that’s what’s important.”

Jill Biden has been a key figured in a large number of Joe Biden’s decision making process. She has even admitted herself that President Biden often listens to her “Because I’m his wife.”

“Of course he’ll listen to me, because we’re a married couple,” added later, “he makes up his own mind, believe me.”

Jill Biden later pointed out the President Biden is very invested in stopping Russia’s war in Ukraine which is why he wants to run again.

“We thought then, how long can this go on? And here we are, a year later,” Jill Biden said. “And look at what the Ukrainian people have done. I mean, they are so strong and resilient, and they are fighting for their country.”