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VP Kamala Humiliated On Camera

Vice President Kamala Harris recently was at an event the was celebrating historically Black colleges and universities, reporters however went into a frenzy after it was quickly observed that the entire audience refused to clap for Kamala whatsoever.

According to Fox, Sean Hannity and Jimmy Failla also criticized the Vice President for moronically obsessing over Venn diagrams.

Hannity relentlessly mocked Kamala and pointed out, “The audience had to be reminded to clap for the vice president. You really can’t make this up.”

“They still didn’t clap, then it got worse with yet another rant about Venn diagrams,” Hannity added.

“I don’t know what she likes better: Venn diagrams or giggling,” he said.

Another person said Kamala didn’t care the nobody was clapping for saying, “She wasn’t really that upset about the students clapping for her. She walked in there feeling saucy and sassy and vivacious and alive — because she’s not Pete Buttigieg.”


Watch as Kamala Harris senselessly obsesses over Venn diagrams: