Should Trump Elect DeSantis As His 2024 Running Mate?

Trump’s Chilling Message To Haley

In a recent interview with Newsmax, former President Donald Trump shared his views on the Republican presidential race, indicating that while he wouldn’t explicitly call for any candidate to exit the competition, he hinted that former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley might want to consider doing so.

When questioned by Newsmax’s Mike Carter about Haley’s prospects in light of Trump’s robust polling lead in the Granite State, Trump responded, “While I wouldn’t expressly suggest it, perhaps she should contemplate stepping aside. The upcoming Tuesday may bring surprises; we’ll have to wait and see.”

As per FiveThirtyEight’s median aggregate polling data as of the latest Sunday, Trump commands an approval rating of 49.8%, while Haley lags behind at 36.1%. Despite these statistics, Trump emphasized his stance of not actively advocating for candidates to withdraw, highlighting the importance of individuals making such decisions voluntarily.

With the New Hampshire GOP primary just around the corner on Tuesday, the political landscape is eagerly anticipating the outcome. Trump expressed confidence in his standing, foreseeing a dominant performance in Nevada’s primary on Feb. 6, attributing it to some candidates failing to register and facing unfavorable poll numbers.

Peering into the future and contemplating the general election in November, Trump did not mince words in criticizing President Joe Biden. He labeled Biden as the “most inept president in history” and asserted that he is “engulfed in corruption.” In a comparative analysis, Trump went on to remark that even President Jimmy Carter, historically perceived as less than stellar by some, appears “remarkably astute” in contrast to Biden. The interview delved into Trump’s intricate observations on the ongoing political dynamics, providing insight into his assessments of key figures within the political arena.