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Fox News Humiliates Biden’s Son

Biden’s son isn’t happy about the mainstream media reporting about him.

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, has been at the center of numerous scandals and intense Republican scrutiny. Recently, he accused Fox News of attempting to “dehumanize” him by exploiting his struggles with drug addiction.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Beast, Biden acknowledged his past mistakes due to addiction but emphasized that this does not justify the media’s efforts to dehumanize him or others battling similar issues. “My addiction doesn’t excuse my behavior, but it doesn’t justify them dehumanizing me and by extension, every addict out there,” Biden stated.

Biden, 54, has taken legal action against Fox News, accusing the network of collaborating with allies of former President Trump and foreign nationals to defame him. His legal team has demanded retractions and apologies for stories they claim have damaged his reputation. Fox News, however, defended their coverage as protected by the First Amendment and related to Hunter Biden’s status as a public figure involved in multiple investigations and admissions of wrongdoing.

In his 2021 memoir, Biden detailed his battle with addiction, and he told The Daily Beast that he is undeterred by the prospect of further public scrutiny that might arise from his lawsuit. He remarked, “Anyone considering a defamation suit knows they risk further defamation during the proceedings. I’m not afraid of reopening old wounds about my past drug use.”

The Biden family has a well-documented history of conflicts with Rupert Murdoch’s media outlets. President Biden reportedly described Murdoch as “the most dangerous man in the world,” a sentiment echoed by Hunter’s daughter, Naomi Biden, who publicly criticized Fox News host Jesse Watters for attacking the President’s parenting in light of Hunter’s struggles.

Recently, Fox News removed a docuseries on Hunter Biden from its streaming service following legal threats from Biden over the use of private images. Despite this, Biden insists the network is still liable for the harm caused.

In his interview with The Daily Beast, Biden described a sustained campaign against him, saying he has endured “five years of systematic vilification.” He shared that a notorious photo showing him with a glass pipe was staged, claiming it depicted a meth pipe, which he never used, rather than a crack pipe.

Additionally, Biden recounted harassment involving impersonation schemes. He described how pranksters, using an old email address, managed to deceive his contacts by making it appear that he was calling or texting them. This led to several disturbing incidents, including a false claim that President Biden had injured himself and needed help to cover it up.

Hunter Biden’s legal battles continue as he faces federal criminal charges in Delaware and California. Despite these challenges, he remains committed to confronting the media’s portrayal of him and defending his name against what he views as systematic defamation.