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Trump Causes Biden’s Mental Breakdown?

They are trying so hard to make Trump look like Biden.

Former President Donald Trump responded on Sunday night to President Joe Biden’s campaign after they circulated a story claiming Trump had a “freeze” moment during his speech at the NRA event in Dallas. Trump dismissed the claim as false, asserting that the pause was a routine part of his speeches.

Trump took to Truth Social to explain that his speech at the NRA event had a record turnout of enthusiastic supporters. He clarified that the brief silence during his speech, which the Biden campaign highlighted, is a standard musical interlude used in all his speeches. The Biden campaign had shared a clip of this moment, suggesting it was unusual and linked to QAnon, which Trump vehemently denied.

Trump suggested that the Biden campaign was trying to divert attention from President Biden’s frequent public speaking issues, asserting that Biden often struggles with speech and stage navigation. Trump insisted that his own pause was a normal part of his speech structure, not an indication of any problem.

On Monday, the Biden campaign countered Trump’s explanation by insisting that Trump did indeed freeze on stage, sharing a screenshot from Trump’s post. They also pointed out another moment during Trump’s speech where he appeared to lean heavily on a podium, suggesting it showed weakness. Trump responded by saying he prevented the podium from falling due to his quick reflexes and strength, attributes he claimed Biden lacks.

In another post, Trump criticized Biden as incompetent and corrupt, further emphasizing his argument. A Biden campaign spokesperson downplayed Trump’s complaints, suggesting that voters are more concerned with Trump’s policy positions and actions rather than his responses to their social media posts. The spokesperson emphasized that voters care more about Trump’s intentions to change gun safety laws and his overall agenda for a second term.